Training Programs

We offer numerous customized training programs.

Active Shooter Response

Learn what to do in a real world scenario.
  • Classroom Instruction and Power Point
  • Walk through scenarios & situational training
  • Advanced life-like drills
  • Advanced tactical response & firearms training

First Aid

Revival and first-aid practices.
  • CPR
  • How to use an AED
  • How to properly apply a tourniquet
  • After incident bandaging, coagulants, life saving care.

Emergency Action Planning, Critical incident Planning

We can develop and write Comprehensive Safety Plans for you business that encompass many unforeseen situations. Keeping you safe and relieving liability from your company.
  • Fire, flood, natural disasters.
  • Disgruntled former employee or ex spouse
  • Suspicious persons on premises
  • Active Shooter/Threat arrives at premises

Firearms Training

From Introductory CCW classes and intermediate training to advanced handgun and rifle courses, District Force Security does it all.
  • Beginner Introductory & CCW classes
  • Intermediate courses to improve on accuracy and speed
  • Advanced Firearms and Armorer classes

Start A New Project?


Four Steps for Preparedness

Assess and find what physical security gaps and training deficiencies exist.
Study and learn the proper improvements and techniques to keep you more safe
Develop an Action Plan for you and your people
Train with your plan, all parts until you and your people are proficient on what to do when a critical incident occurs. Then train again and again and again!!