District Force Security Group

In today’s world the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. With today's culture its impossible to foresee all critical situations, however District Force Security Group helps you be more prepared to face each day with the confidence of being more safe.

“We are always looking ahead to the future to maintain safety & security.”

Greg Foxworth Project Manager
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Our goal is to keep you, your business, school, daycare, place of worship or property as safe as possible by providing thorough Security Assessments, Specialized Training and Comprehensive Safety Plans. We want to safeguard your people and your business.
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Our vision is to have all people and organizations trained well and properly prepared for when the unthinkable happens.
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What We Do

District Force Security Group is a company that specializes in making you and your people more safe and secure. Our group recommends physical improvements to your property and/or buildings. District Force Security Group also specializes in training so if an emergency arises you will know what to do. Our group is a one stop shop for all your needs. District Force Security Group consists of building contractors, security specialists, current and former law enforcement and specialized trainers & assessors. We have decades of proven experience.
Our trainers and assessment staff are highly trained and fully certified. Let District Force Security provide further safety for your people and ALSO safeguard your business against unnecessary liability. Active Shooter Response, Tactical First Aid, Critical Incident Planning, Emergency Operations Planning, etc.